Sunday, April 15, 2007

Letter from Mark Caldwell : Time for truth


Hello Mr. McNeil,

Mark Caldwell again, I think you might not actually know what happened to my son Justin Caldwell at Dozier on February 11th 2007. So I am going to tell you, then you will know, there are alot of witnesses who will testify to what I tell you, and they will be subpoenaed, these people will tell the truth like I am telling it to you!

The first incident happened in the morning in the dining hall, my son Justin had his tray of food and Mr. Spears asked for Justin to come over to him, so Justin set his tray down on a table and walked to Mr. Spears and Spears told Justin, "your dad called to speak with you yesterday and I did not see you yesterday evening so you might want to give your dad a call".

My son Justin said okay thank you. At that time Justin turned to go back and Mr. Wooden was handing out silverware in front of a pole or beam in the dining hall. Justin walked between Wooden and this pole and bumped against Wooden accidently and tried to apologize.

But Wooden turned and started yelling at Justin, "you better watch where the f_ _ k you are going Caldwell". He got in Justin's face yelling vulgarities at him. At that time Justin started cussing back, and Wooden got even closer in Justin's face. In fact, he was spitting as he yelled at Justin.

Wooden was leaning so close to Justin he hit the bill of his hat on Justin's forehead knocking his hat off and apparently making Wooden even madder than he already was. At that point Wooden smacked Justin in the forehead where he had two staples from a different incident and punched Justin on the other side of his forehead with his fist. Then Wooden put his hands around Justin and threw him to the floor.

Justin was on his back and Wooden was on top of Justin with his hands on either side of Justin's head beating Justin's head into the floor multiple times. At that time another staff member, Mr. Spears, was trying to get Wooden off of Justin. Staff Robert Speights was holding one of Justin's arms down.

Mr. Jackie Miles also witnessed this abuse and tried to get the situation under control. A few of the other offenders also got up and were going to get involved because they witnessed this abuse of my son. My son yelled no at them to stay out of it or they might get into trouble.

Miles and Spears finally got it settled down, and my son told Mr. Spears he wanted to call abuse. Mr. spears took my son to call abuse. Spears and Justin were in the room alone when Justin said to Spears, "you seen what he done to me", at which time Spears replied, "I only heard him use really vulgar language against you".

Justin and the boys that were going to get involved in this incident of abuse against my son were then taken to ISP. They witnessed the abuse of Justin a second time by Alvin Speights. This abuse occured when Speights asked Justin to stand up, so Justin stood up, and then almost immediately after asking Justin to stand up, said to Justin," are you going to sit down Caldwell"?, Justin said you just asked me to stand up sir. Speights went over to Justin, grabbed Justin, and kicked Justin's feet out from under him taking Justin to the floor on Justin's back.

Speights then puts his hands around Justin's neck and begans beating his head into the floor. Justin, having been abused twice in one day, began fighting back because it was out of control. At this time Speights told the other staff member Mr. Gilbert to turn Justin over on his stomach. When Justing was turned on his stomach Speights again began beating Justin's forehead into the floor.

The staff then got Justin up and helped walk him towards the table in ISP. Justin told them he felt dizzy, and at that time collapsee into the table and onto the floor. So technically my son Justin was unconscious before he hit the table!!!!!!!!!

They then dragged him to the middle of the floor and Gilbert tried to get my son to regain consciousness by slapping his face. Then staff were called to transport Justin to Jackson County Hospital!

Mr. Caldwell said: This is the actual story as Justin told me and others witnessed and it will be proven in a court of law, so you see Mr. McNeil my son has been falsely charged by Mr. Wooten, and other staff did not expect the attention I have brought to Dozier and now it is going to cost them all their jobs, because it is a felony to not report abuse, and it has been going on until now, I am stopping it!!!! This is why I will have Wooden fired, along with Spears, Gilbert, Robert Speights, Jackie Miles, and Timothy Justice, because he knows and is responsible for not following up on abuse reports before Tallon even got to Dozier, to try and straighten out the mess Timothy Justice has made!!!!! I will bet you never knew what I have just told you and it is the truth, you will see!!!

Also Mr. Miller abused my son and Spears was witness to that abuse, that is why Mr. Miller is going to be fired, he slammed my sons face into a door and broke his nose, the next thing my son remembered was waking up in a van being moved to another building on the Dozier campus, my son did not need any of this abuse, he has already had more than anyone should endure, and he now needs to be sent home, and I need you to help me see that this also happens!!

Thank you sir for your time!!
Sincerely, Mark Caldwell
I love my son!!!!

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